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Last Night! - The Soap Opera Called My Life [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Last Night! [Aug. 29th, 2006|11:23 pm]
Last Night was AMAZING!!! I went to the movies with Taylor. I seriously thought that there was no way he would want to go, because he just got out of football pratice, and he hadnt done any homework or anything so I was like crap. He called me back and was like Ill go, lemme shower and then call you when I get out so he came and picked us up(JoJo and myself). It wasnt much of a day, but it was what I needed a day out with Taylor and Jojo, just a break from drama and school. A break from Ashley and her BS and a break from my family(much needed). It was seriously the most fun I have had in like.......a while, I guess...Friday.

In other news, I hit a pole and tore up the front end of my car, and Taylor made the light fall out so yeah, it has Duct Tape holding it in place. Basically it has a dimple on the right side. Im sooooo happy right now, school is great, life is going good, work is ok, and friends are what keep me going. I LOVE LOVE LOVE COLLEGE!!! I miss butler, but talking to Candice and Taylor about how 4X4 effed up their life, im kinda glad.

Well have a good week, and see whoever at Vance on Friday!!!