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Just Pondering. - The Soap Opera Called My Life [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Just Pondering. [Jun. 6th, 2006|11:15 pm]
I dont know what I did to deserve such great friends!

Like a week ago, I felt like the whole world hated me and that I have like no friends, but this week, I realized something. I have friends lots of them, friends that care about me, friends that want to see me after Thursday, friends that WANT to include me in their plans instead of HAVE to include me. I seriously love Allie Jenkins and Steven Machon they vist me at work on Tuesdays and it seriously tops my day whenever I see them, and I spend all my breaks with them. I also LOVE Alli Senger, she is amazing and I realized how crazy much Im gonna miss her when I put together her Ultimate College Survival Kit. I realized that Catherine Craig, Freddie Jolly, John Hondros, and Chase Francis complete me. I really will miss them, and they brighten my day soooo crazy much. Everytime I see them I just wanna hug them and I freak out when I think the thought that I will no longer see them everday or have adventures after school with them, or even eat lunch with them. I realize me and Cat are going to the beach in a month and I seriously cant wait!

Im getting family season passes to Carrowinds for Graduation and Allie Jenkins and Stephen are getting the free 2 so that we can go together with our favorites.

I freaking LOVE Sammy Stedem!!!! I am truly goning to miss seeing her crazy self in the hallway and poking her, and making fun of her bookbag.

....You know its really funny when you think about it Im going to miss silly little things like how Josh Langdon makes nosies, or how Amanda Bledsoe is tickilsh everywhere. Im going to miss Cristine Plough's AMAZING voice in show choir, Derrick Goff's amazing piano playin skills, Gin'll's laugh, Allie Pope's purse, Allie Sengers smile, Reed Alexander's attempt to make a joke funnier, Emily Enders "cell phone",Cat-lo's bettle, Freddie's bright yellow bookbag, Allie Jenkin's teal purse, Stephens sense of humor, Chase's nose, Anna's attemp to SAVE THE DOLPHINS, and of course Amanda's car.

This year has been nothing less than amazing and to everyone who helped, from the deepest part of my heart....Thank you.

[User Picture]From: endless_fugue
2006-06-07 12:13 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I kindof regret things I've said about/done to you all year long -- you didn't deserve to be treated like that, because I know I wouldn't like to.

So, sorry. Hope you have a great summer -- peace, homie.
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