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Sooo... - The Soap Opera Called My Life [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sooo... [Apr. 4th, 2006|09:19 pm]
Spring break was awesome, and I had a good time in Cali, aside from any drama that happened, it was amazing.

I went up to Durham to see some of my family, and it was pretty good, except a piece of tree bark, went under my toenail and through the skin.

I have recently discovered who my true friends are, they are the people that truly missed me and have actually talked to me. Im kind of sad spring break is over, but then agian I was ready to see everyone agian, and I dunno what Im gonna do when college time comes up.

I confornoted someone today, that had aperantly no idea what I was going through, and I guess they feel bad, they didnt really respond except Im sorry.

In the past few days I learned that I need to stop beliving everything people say, and stop overanalyzing. I learned this talking to Allie and Mike on the phone late at night crying, yeah I felt like a dork.

I have become closer to someone I was pushing away, and discovered that I love miss Alex B.

The dinner went good thanks for all who asked, now I have to find 2 politicans to come to my summit and a guest speaker, Im think Mr Sambrotto? and I have to get enough food for 100+ people all on a budget of a whopping 5 dollars.

I got a solo today, and it was the big one and I was really excited, and suprised. And someones comment was "eww gross, why?" but whatever you just jealous.

Charlie Brown auditions are this weekend, Im excited, even though I probally wont get a part.

Show Choir show is in less than a month, that makes me sad, that the class is almost over.

These are just some random thoughts poping through my head, i know, im random