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The Soap Opera Called My Life

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Broadway is love.

Norbert Leo Butz is Love.

The Original Broadway Cast of Rent is Love.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the Musical is Love.

Waiting for RENT to come out in theatres is Seasons of Love.

Im a student at Butler High. Im an avid and strong choir member there.My mom is my role model because my father divorced my mother at a young age and hasnt exactly been a postive role model. I have gone thru hard times with bullying and am extremly sensetive when it comes to name calling because I have experinced it first hand and it is horrible! Im an only child and have never had a strong male model in my life till about 6 years ago.My moms boyfriend is the sweetest nicest and funniest man i have ever met and i hope that they end up together.Currently there is another strong male role model in my life his name is Mac Mcdougal, he is one of my the best role models and has inspired me to become a music teacher. He is a student teacher and will be leaving soon, so I hope that we stay in contact.I am now trying to be a music educator probally chorus but who knows for sure. I play soccer and basketball (not on a team). I play SOAR soccer but only play B-ball in the hood! LOl! I have to many friends to mention, but if you are one u know I love ya. I love my friends they really are honest and nice they are my shoulders to lean on when Im not strong. I love to shop,hang with friends, watch movies, play games, sports and I loooove American Idol. GO CARRIE! LOL! Im a dork but hey thats me and I love me.

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